Monday, December 10, 2012

The Leather Club Chair

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Nuevo Estilo 

Are you still in love with the leather club chair? 

( Nuevo Estilo)

Are they like a pair of blue jeans? 

(Image Brown dress with white dots) 

The older they get the better! 

( Jeff McNamara) 

( Brown dress with white dots) 

Are you tired of this famous chair that has been apart of our lives for so long? 

( Le Journal De La Maison) 

Will we continue to see these vintage beauties in the coming years? 

( Decor De Provence)

They even mix well with this French style decor. 

Red Ticking blog has them for sale at her store. 

Kelly at The Polished Pebble blog recovered the seat with an antique Navajo rug. Could you see it in a ikat or paisley fabric?

(Kim Winkler) 

Decor and Art and Introducing Rachel Rubenstein

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( Decor by Miles Reed)
We love art. We both see everything through an artists eye. Art is so important in a room. It can pull a room together and make it flow.  It is the icing on a cake! 

(Miles Reed)
Julie remembers having a painters brush in her hand at a young age. Her mother would let her draw and paint on her bedroom walls. She would paint beautiful pictures. It gave her a tool to change her decor. Creativity has always been like food for Julie, it has been a part of her soul.   

( Miles Reed)
Danni was always drawing and creating. She used to make home-made play dough and help her brothers create battle scenes for their little plastic army men. In school she was asked to do extra art projects for her teachers because they knew how much she enjoyed them. Soon she learned to paint with oils., which became a big focus of her creativity. She has been in many shows and has sold many pieces. Danni has been teaching a painting class in her studio for years now where many students have attended.

 Interior design came easy for us. We can use the same skills as artists that we use in decor. Just like painting, we use tools such as balance, scale, and color when designing. A room can be like a blank canvas just waiting for the story to be told.

 And now, drum roll please....

We would like to introduce you to an artist that is impressive for her young age. Her name is Rachel Rubenstein, born in 1985. Her art has been displayed in many show. 

She has an affinity for nature. Rachel uses found objects and molding paste to create intense movement and flow. 

 Cant you see this painting above a sofa in a contemporary designed room?

They would make an incredible statement. 

Rubenstein has a way of playing cool and warm hues off of each other. 

We have been Tagged!

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 (Charles Faudree)

We have been tagged! 

Jessie from  Mix and Chic tagged us.  If you haven't been to her blog, check it out. She has a fun contemporary style and always has something new. Jessie has some questions for us to answer, so here we go! 

( David Phoenix)
The rules of this tag game are,  there are always rules to a game. Just like the childhood game tag your it. Get it? Ok, that means we are going to tag someone else. We have noticed that everyone is being tagged.
 Please accept our tag! 


You must post the rules.

Answer the 11 questions the tagger posted for you and create 
11 new ones. 

Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Let them know they have been tagged. 

(  Mary Mcdonald)

What room is our favorite to decorate? 

We love to do it all, but if we had to choose we love to design living rooms and dinning rooms. We love all the fabrics that can be used, curtains, sofas, chairs, and pillows.

(  Sig Berman, Elli Decor)

What trend do you love?

 We both love paisleys and the mix of patterns. 

( Designed by Shannon Bower, Sorry it is so small, blogspot would not work with us!)

( Mary McDonald)

Julie loves all the blue and white and Danni loves all the industrial feel.  

( Mark Sikes)

Our biggest pet peeve? 

 Hands down it has to be budget! Boy, what we could do with no budget! Our other pet peeve is all the gray! We do love  gray, but it can get a little boring. That is why we love this image designed by Pam Pierce. She added pops of color with the grayed out furniture. It makes it so interesting. 

( Pam Pierce)

The average time it takes us to create a post? 

 At least an hour or two. Sometimes more. All the social media can be a challenge for designers.

( Betty Lou Phillips)

What we have learned from blogging and gained?

   We have learned how generous people are with information. There are so many wonderful and kind people in the blogging community. We have been invited to lunch and to visit people all over the country. We have gained so much from meeting so many interesting and kind people.

(  Westbrook Interiors)

Who do we most admire in the blogging world?

 That is a hard one to answer. There are so many! Some we admire because they are kind, creative, making a difference. There are too many to list.

(  Jackye Lanham)

The coolest thing or opportunity that has happened to you because of blogging?

 That is a tough one because we haven't been doing this that long. We are amazed that anyone comes to visit us.We feel very blessed that we have any comments at all. One other thing that was exciting, our name was given to Kravets marketing dept. to sit on a panel at the design center in L.A.. We did not get it, but we were honored just to have our name mentioned. .

( Jeffers Design, photo Cesar Rubio)

Who are our favorite designers and why?

  Why! Shoot, We guess it all has to do with creativity and balance.
We love Mary McDonald,  Jeffers design group, Pam Pierce, Charles Faudree, Betty Lou Phillips, Katheryn Ireland, Jackye Lanham, David Phoenix, Pam Pierce.

Kemble Interiors

( Steven Gambrel)

A little unknown fact about us?

 OMG, I guess we would have to say, we are very private. Blogging does not come natural to us. We really have to try hard and it takes us time to think about what we post. We are always amazed at how other bloggers find so many beautiful images and can freely share their lives. We are trying and it is getting a little easier the longer we blog.

( Tory Birch)

"Bonjorno" from Venice

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We thought it might be time to share a few more images from Danni's trip to Europe. This is the Grand Canal in Venice where we arrived on a cold, wet and rainy day. It did not matter. The beauty of this unique city came through anyway.

Even in the rain the tours of the canals with their Gondoliers are magical.

These bridges link all the areas together. There are no cars and everything has to come in by boat. Men walk huge carts filled with goods all over the city to hand deliver the items to the shops, restaurants and markets.

This city is amazing. Everyone gets lost on their first day here. Ours was no exception. We were told how to navigate all the alleys and walkways by looking above the first story on the corners of the buildings with the arrows pointing towards the direction of the different landmarks. After that it was like reading the stars on a clear night. We never got lost again.

These unfinished masks originate in Venice.  They are then painted and decorated quite colorfully. Each one was meant for a different purpose. The long beaked mask was for the doctor. They would put garlic in the long portion. The plain, squared eyed, scary looking one in the middle was for the gamblers so no one could see their facial expressions. Dare we say poker face?

The Island of Murano is close to Venice where they produce the Murano glass. There were huge chandeliers in almost every store  along with many other beautiful glass creations that come from the island.

The open markets along the canals were so much fun, delicious and lovely to look at too.

Just had to include the Disney store in Venice with the Italian flag colored bags of Mickey Mouse.  Danni's daughter works for the Disney company.  It seemed so out of place to see Disney in Europe too.

We have always loved the Fortuny patterns. This shop had pillows, scarves, purses and of course the chandeliers and lamps.

The chandeliers at this Fortuny store in Venice were beautiful. Wish we had brought one home. 

Venice was wonderful, Ciao!!!

Project up Date

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We wanted to show you the progress of our project. The painting is complete and the project is moving along. We added this darker blue fabric and we are making pillows out of it for the sofa. You can read about our project here.

 These are the Farrow and Ball colors we are using in the home.  From bottom to top, Pale Powder, Savage Ground,  Tallow for the ceilings and Matchstick. They always have such interesting names for their paint colors.


The painters worked so hard and did such a good job. We are so thankful to be able to work with  good tradesmen. It makes our job easier.  

We brought the ottoman to the work room and they are recovering it in a Robert Allen fabric. 

This is how it looks now. 

We had a slip cover made in a linen Ralph Lauren fabric. It has a cowhide underneath and this will give her two different looks. This will slip under the coffee table so she will be able to pull it out when it is needed for extra seating.

Ralph Lauren fabric

These are the other fabrics we are using. The darker fabric we added is below.

These are the two samples of the darker fabric we will make pillows out of for the sofa. 

This is the before pictures of the room.