Monday, December 10, 2012

Intimate Living, Kari Arendsen

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T.G is on a roll. Soft blues and a beach-y vibe.  We feel like we have been on a loco-motion train....Remember that song, oldies, but goodies.  Come on baby do the Loco- motion with me.  We have had such beautiful weather in southern California. We are loving summer. OK, were kinda rambling here....

Designer Kari Arendsen is a designer in orange county. Her style feels like you're on vacation and you might find a surfboard leaning against  a corner of the room. Just a beach-y wonderful feel. 
So, do you think we are on a theme here? 

We have been posting homes that have that summer, casual feel.

Love how Kari mixes patterns together. Everything plays a role in the design pattern coming together. The prints, fabrics and even the texture in the table. 

Do you love the grass cloth in the bookshelves? 

Can not believe that it is already June! Yikes! 

Soft calm colors. 

Isn't this mirror wonderful in the background. 

We love the gray patina headboard.

Now, this is an arm to a chair! Not bad..... 

We hope you had a great long weekend.

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