Monday, December 10, 2012

TG is loving Blue and White....

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Loving blue and white....So glad it is back! This has been a fun project. Using fun decor and funky items. We are showing you a sample of some of the items we used. Kravet fabric on top and Calico Corners on the bottom.

Calico Corner on top, a natural antique linen, and a Kravet fabric on the bottom.  

Soon Professional photos are on their way.. But we wanted you to have a sneak peak!

A casual California style.   This is image one, below is image # 2.

We know that this a double image. We couldn't make up our mind which one to use. One with a flash or no flash? This is image 2. Which one do you like better? 

A mix of white, blues, reds and blacks. How fun is that? 

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