Monday, December 10, 2012

The Leather Club Chair

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Nuevo Estilo 

Are you still in love with the leather club chair? 

( Nuevo Estilo)

Are they like a pair of blue jeans? 

(Image Brown dress with white dots) 

The older they get the better! 

( Jeff McNamara) 

( Brown dress with white dots) 

Are you tired of this famous chair that has been apart of our lives for so long? 

( Le Journal De La Maison) 

Will we continue to see these vintage beauties in the coming years? 

( Decor De Provence)

They even mix well with this French style decor. 

Red Ticking blog has them for sale at her store. 

Kelly at The Polished Pebble blog recovered the seat with an antique Navajo rug. Could you see it in a ikat or paisley fabric?

(Kim Winkler) 


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