Monday, December 10, 2012

We have been Tagged!

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 (Charles Faudree)

We have been tagged! 

Jessie from  Mix and Chic tagged us.  If you haven't been to her blog, check it out. She has a fun contemporary style and always has something new. Jessie has some questions for us to answer, so here we go! 

( David Phoenix)
The rules of this tag game are,  there are always rules to a game. Just like the childhood game tag your it. Get it? Ok, that means we are going to tag someone else. We have noticed that everyone is being tagged.
 Please accept our tag! 


You must post the rules.

Answer the 11 questions the tagger posted for you and create 
11 new ones. 

Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Let them know they have been tagged. 

(  Mary Mcdonald)

What room is our favorite to decorate? 

We love to do it all, but if we had to choose we love to design living rooms and dinning rooms. We love all the fabrics that can be used, curtains, sofas, chairs, and pillows.

(  Sig Berman, Elli Decor)

What trend do you love?

 We both love paisleys and the mix of patterns. 

( Designed by Shannon Bower, Sorry it is so small, blogspot would not work with us!)

( Mary McDonald)

Julie loves all the blue and white and Danni loves all the industrial feel.  

( Mark Sikes)

Our biggest pet peeve? 

 Hands down it has to be budget! Boy, what we could do with no budget! Our other pet peeve is all the gray! We do love  gray, but it can get a little boring. That is why we love this image designed by Pam Pierce. She added pops of color with the grayed out furniture. It makes it so interesting. 

( Pam Pierce)

The average time it takes us to create a post? 

 At least an hour or two. Sometimes more. All the social media can be a challenge for designers.

( Betty Lou Phillips)

What we have learned from blogging and gained?

   We have learned how generous people are with information. There are so many wonderful and kind people in the blogging community. We have been invited to lunch and to visit people all over the country. We have gained so much from meeting so many interesting and kind people.

(  Westbrook Interiors)

Who do we most admire in the blogging world?

 That is a hard one to answer. There are so many! Some we admire because they are kind, creative, making a difference. There are too many to list.

(  Jackye Lanham)

The coolest thing or opportunity that has happened to you because of blogging?

 That is a tough one because we haven't been doing this that long. We are amazed that anyone comes to visit us.We feel very blessed that we have any comments at all. One other thing that was exciting, our name was given to Kravets marketing dept. to sit on a panel at the design center in L.A.. We did not get it, but we were honored just to have our name mentioned. .

( Jeffers Design, photo Cesar Rubio)

Who are our favorite designers and why?

  Why! Shoot, We guess it all has to do with creativity and balance.
We love Mary McDonald,  Jeffers design group, Pam Pierce, Charles Faudree, Betty Lou Phillips, Katheryn Ireland, Jackye Lanham, David Phoenix, Pam Pierce.

Kemble Interiors

( Steven Gambrel)

A little unknown fact about us?

 OMG, I guess we would have to say, we are very private. Blogging does not come natural to us. We really have to try hard and it takes us time to think about what we post. We are always amazed at how other bloggers find so many beautiful images and can freely share their lives. We are trying and it is getting a little easier the longer we blog.

( Tory Birch)

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